Making an idea come to life, has become a passion.

Hola. My name is Michael Smeal. I am a web designer based out of Western New York. I have been working in the field for almost a decade now and am more interested and evolving every day.

Here you will find a collection of projects that I have worked on either on my own or with previous employers. I am always interested in working on new projects so please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts.

Web Design

The designing and creativity behind a web site is what interests me most. Turning a thought or an idea that has either been sketched out or strategically built into a functional intutitive site, has allowed the world wide web to become as it is today. Following these guidlines and standards are a normal practice when approaching every project.

Graphic Design

The first thought of ones view on a product’s image is the most important key to successful marketing. Allowing the message to be understood easily is second. Creatively pulling the two together makes our industry a never ending endeavor.

User Experience

A user’s time spent on a web site is meant to be enjoyable and easy. Delivering a simple site to navigate and find information appeals to many viewers. Taking these important necesities and incorporating them into each project begins with the first thought stages.